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What is a conventional motorcycle battery?

Conventional motorcycle batteries are usually the cheapest batteries and usually fit in older motorcycles. These batteries require maintenance because they are open. Evaporation takes place through use, so demineralized water will have to be added to the battery on a regular basis. ATTENTION, NEVER USE JUST TAP WATER! Conventional batteries also discharge faster than maintenance-free batteries. NEVER top up with battery acid. In addition to being very dangerous, it is also disastrous for the battery.

Considering to buy a conventional motorcycle battery?

With the help of the search engine you can choose your motorcycle type and from there find the motorcycle battery for your motorcycle. Are you in doubt, or do you have other questions about the right battery for your motorcycle? We are of course happy to advise you, so that you ultimately find the perfect motorcycle.

Our maintenance free batteries

The name of this type of battery already indicates it, the maintenance-free batteries do not require active maintenance. These batteries are sealed and therefore cannot be topped up, which is of course not necessary. If you use this battery enough and / or connect it to the trickle charger in time, it has a very long life!