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What is a gel motorcycle battery

The gel technology is an invention of Exide motorcycle batteries. The acid is transformed into a gel with a high electrolyte reserve. This makes a gel motorcycle battery more resistant to heat and less sensitive to salvation, which ensures that the motorcycle battery has a longer life. The gel battery provides better performance, even with partial discharge. Furthermore, it is suitable for motorcycles with many power consumers on board (think of GPS, extra lighting or heated handles). All closed batteries are often mistakenly called gel batteries. This is certainly not the case, gel batteries are much more than that!

Want to buy a gel motorcycle battery?

With the help of the search engine you can choose your engine type and year of construction and thus find the suitable gel battery for your motorcycle. Are you in doubt, or do you have other questions about the right battery for your motorcycle? We are of course happy to advise you, so that you ultimately arrive at the perfect motorcycle battery.

Our maintenance free batteries

The name of this type of battery already indicates it, the maintenance-free batteries do not require active maintenance. These batteries are sealed and therefore cannot be topped up, which is of course not necessary. If you use this battery enough and / or connect it to the trickle charger in time, it has a very long life!