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What is a maintenance-free motorcycle battery?

Maintenance-free motorcycle batteries. AGM batteries require some overpressure for proper functioning and are therefore closed. A self-closing safety valve opens when the pressure increases due to overload (0.18 bar) and closes when equilibrium is restored (0.15 bar). The gas that is then released will mainly consist of oxygen, but also contains some hydrogen. Due to the construction of the motorcycle battery, this loss can no longer be topped up and therefore shortens the service life. It is therefore important not to overcharge AGM motorcycle batteries!

The main advantages of an AGM motorcycle battery are:

  • Minimal gas formation that remains below the concentration during normal use, which makes the mixture of hydrogen and oxygen (oxyhydrogen) explosive (4%)
  • Protection of the battery plates against vibration and shocks
  • Battery acid will not be spilled if the battery is damaged or tilted
  • Can be mounted in tilted position up to 45 degrees

Interested in a maintenance-free motorcycle battery?

With the help of the search engine you can choose your engine type and year of construction and thus find the suitable motorcycle battery for your motorcycle. Are you in doubt, or do you have other questions about the right battery for your motorcycle? We are of course happy to advise you, so that you ultimately arrive at the perfect motorcycle battery.

Our gel motorcycle batteries

A gel motorcycle battery uses battery acid that is between liquid and solid, the jelly-like substance is very resistant to extreme conditions. The thicker battery acid ensures that the battery is even less susceptible to leakage. All maintenance-free, gel and lithium-ion batteries are sealed, so they are already not prone to leakage. This type of battery is therefore safe, reliable and has a good price for the quality you get.