Battery for every motorcycle

When you own a motorcycle, you naturally always want to be able to grab it when you feel like a ride. Nothing is more annoying if it appears that your engine will not start due to a failing battery. This may be because the motorcycle battery is empty or because it is at the end of its rope. A battery is an essential part of your motorcycle, because without power the motorcycle can no longer start under its own power.

But how does a battery work?

We can make it extremely technical, but we prefer a simple explanation: a battery consists of cells. These cells have a plus and a minus pole. The (liquid) substances in and around the cells create a chemical reaction when they come into contact with the plus and minus pole and then electricity is generated. In short, chemistry in combination with a little magic ensures that you can start your motorcycle.

Buy the right motorcycle battery for your motorcycle

Having the right battery for your motorcycle is very important. It is because some motorcycle batteries simply do not physically fit in your engine. Because you have landed on this page, we secretly assume that you are looking for a battery and that you can no longer see the wood for the trees due to the large selection. No disaster, we will help you find the right battery for your motorcycle!
In the battery search engine on the homepage of you can find the batteries that are relevant to your motorcycle with a few simple steps. We have come a long way with filling in the make, type and year of construction of the motorcycle. In most cases, several batteries will be suitable for your motorcycle, this is because we have several brands in our range such as YuasaExide and Fulbat. We stand 100% behind the quality of these brands and you will not find cheap imitation brands with us. We believe that every motorcycle deserves a good battery and believe that every customer should be able to enjoy his purchase without any worries.
There are also different types of batteries: Lithium-ion, Gel, AGM, SLA and MF. Each type has its own properties. Each battery has a description in which you can see what these properties mean. Still can't figure it out? No problem, just call our specialists on +31 73 200 80 29 or send us an email with the question [email protected].

Why you should buy your battery at Motorcyclebattery?

You can buy a motorcycle battery quickly and cheaply at Motorcyclebattery. With a wide range you will always find the ideal battery for your motorcycle. There are 82 motorcycle brands in our database, so chances are that your motorcycle is also among them. You can also trust on that we only sell motorcycle batteries with high quality. In addition, we supply all our motorcycle batteries from stock. As a result, your order will be shipped the same day, provided it is placed before 17.00. If the battery you are looking for is not (yet) in the search engine or on the site, do not hesitate to call us on +31 73 200 80 29 or send an email to [email protected]. Chances are that we can still order the right battery for you!