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Battery tenders

Why do you need a trickle charger?

Motorcycle batteries are self-discharging, meaning that the battery level drops during inactivity. Battery acid evaporates very slowly. The biggest cause of discharge is power consumers such as an alarm or on-board computer. In addition, the battery capacities decrease as the battery ages. While driving, the dynamo ensures that the battery is recharged. If you drive a lot of kilometers, you will therefore need a trickle charger less quickly.

Tecmate optimate battery tenderTecmate optimate battery tender
Tecmate optimate battery tender
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Tecmate accessories

What is the function of a trickle charger?

With the help of a trickle charger, you keep your battery in top condition. A trickle charger keeps the battery charged by charging it pulsating. When the battery is 100% charged, the charger stops the charging process. When the capacity drops to 95%, the charging process starts again. This prevents the battery from being overcharged, the battery is between 95 and 100% full when the trickle charger indicates that it is "fully charged". Motorstroom has a diverse range of trickle chargers that can be used on different types of batteries. There are even trickle chargers that are also suitable for boats, cars and more! Take a good look at the specifications of the trickle chargers to see if it is suitable for your battery.