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Tecmate accessories

Tecmate has various accessories that make it possible to get even more functionality from the trickle chargers. A good example of this is the SEA/DIN solution from Tecmate. Tecmate has adapters that make it possible to connect a trickle charger directly to the DIN input. The DIN connection is the more stable and more reliable successor to the classic cigarette connection. In addition, Tecmate has separate parts to optimize the adapters. Are you looking for a specific accessory? Please feel free to contact us, we may be able to help you.

Battery tender accessoriesBattery tender accessories
Battery tender accessories
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Motorcycle battery accessories

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Motorstroom has an extensive range of trickle chargers. We don't just have trickle chargers for motorcycles, some trickle chargers are also suitable for cars, boats, RVs or even airplanes. Each trickle charger has a list of specifications, in which you can see which batteries it is suitable for. Most trickle chargers are suitable for batteries between 12 and 24 volts. Please note that you need a special lithium trickle charger for a lithium-ion motorcycle battery. You can also charge all other batteries with this trickle charger, but it will not be charged intelligently. As a result, the trickle charger loses its functionality.