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Battery tenders

How does a trickle charger work?

With the help of a trickle charger, you keep your battery in top condition. A trickle charger keeps the battery charged by pulsating (dripping) charging. When the battery is 100% charged, the charger stops the charging process. When the capacity drops to 95%, the charging process starts again. This prevents the battery from being overcharged and broken. We have a diverse range of trickle chargers that can be used on different types of batteries. Lithium-ion batteries need a trickle charger with a specific program. You can use the same trickle charger for conventional, maintenance-free and gel batteries.

Tecmate accessoriesTecmate accessories
Tecmate accessories
Tecmate optimate battery tenderTecmate optimate battery tender
Tecmate optimate battery tender

Motorcycle battery and trickle charger accessories

To get the most out of your motorcycle battery and trickle charger, there are a number of handy accessories. With a battery tester, you can measure whether your battery still functions as it should. For example, you can measure certain battery testers what the charging voltage and lowest starting voltage of your battery is. You can also see whether a dynamo is suitable for lithium-ion motorcycle batteries. Tecmate has accessories that make it possible to connect a trickle charger directly to the motorcycle battery via the DIN / car contact connection. This way you don't have to disconnect the battery terminals and the threshold for properly maintaining your battery is lower.