Exide batteriesExide batteries
Exide batteries


Exide is one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world and has been producing for the major battery brands for many years. Under their own brand, they are mainly known for the gel batteries that you find in all BMW motorcycles. Motorcyclebatteryshop sells Exide motorcycle batteries because, in addition to being very solid, they are also very affordable, because we can purchase them directly from the manufacturer.

The global brand has split into two brands. "Exide Batteries" is the brand that focuses on the American and Canadian market. "Exide Technologies" is active in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific. This brand mainly focuses on forklift batteries, telecom batteries and powersports batteries (motorcycles, cars, trucks, boats etc.)


The French company Fulbat has become a leading force in the battery industry in recent years. At Motorcyclebatteryshop there is a wide range of Fulbat motorcycle batteries. A diverse range of gel, SLA and maintenance-free batteries applicable to different models of motorcycles.

Fulbat makes starter batteries, industrial batteries and traction batteries. Fulbat's starter batteries are suitable for motorcycles, all sorts of scooters and garden applications such as mowers. The industrial batteries are used in security, communication and medical equipment. The Fulbat traction batteries are used in, for example, electric wheelchairs and golf cart.

Fulbat batteriesFulbat batteries
Fulbat batteries

TecMate batteriesTecMate batteries
TecMate batteries


Tecmate is the specialist in trickle chargers and accessories for (motorcycle) batteries. Tecmate's goal was to rescue batteries that had failed due to neglect. This was achieved by developing intelligent charging methods. In addition, Tecmate develops battery testers and engine problem and adjustment instruments for both small and large vehicles.

You might notice that Tecmate products are often used as OEM products by motorcycle brands. For example, Tecmate made trickle chargers for Honda and KTM. A trickle charger with a CAN-BUS connection was developed together with BMW. Thanks to Tecmate's working method, the products work optimally for your motorcycle.


Yuasa is one of the most famous motorcycle battery manufacturers. If you have a Japanese motorcycle, there is a very good chance that a Yuasa motorcycle battery can be found in it. Motorcyclebatteryshop carries all maintenance-free batteries from Yuasa, because in addition to their large capacity, they are also known for great reliability.

Yuasa batteries have been used for OEM applications of Japanese motorcycle brands since 1981. Several watercraft manufacturers also opt for the strong and reliable batteries.

Yuasa batteriesYuasa batteries
Yuasa batteries