Conventional batteries

Conventional batteriesConventional batteries
Conventional batteries

What is a Motorcycle Battery?

There are many sorts of batteries. We are talking about the standard batteries like the AA/AAA and the “accumulator” type of batteries which are used in motorcycles. These batteries are specially designed for a purpose. Motorcycle batteries come in an infinite number of different sizes with their own features. An accumulator is something that collects. In this case the battery stores energy and is rechargeable. A traditional battery could not be recharged. Batteries which are rechargeable are actually an accumulator.

The function of a conventional motorcycle battery

There is a difference in the functionality of different types of batteries. For example, an electric bicycle battery is designed to provide constant energy for pedal assistance. The battery of an electric car has the same function. On a motorcycle, the battery only needs to start the engine and run the alternator. The dynamo ensures that the battery is recharged, so that it can also operate the lighting during the journey.

The acid from a motorcycle battery, together with the metals, causes a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction is stored in the battery. When the starter motor asks for energy, this energy is converted into electricity. When the engine is running, the dynamo generates electricity. This flows to the battery and is converted back into the chemical reaction in the battery

What is a conventional battery?

A conventional battery is a battery that requires maintenance. You often find these in the older engines, because they were standard at the time. These lead acid batteries are very reliable due to the simplicity of the concept. The disadvantage of this type of battery is that the lead acid must be topped up. This type of battery must be topped up with demineralized water. SO DO NOT DO THIS WITH NORMAL WATER. Demineralized water / demineralized water is water from which all salts have been removed. This type of water also contains fewer mineral ions.

The battery type is not sealed. You may not tilt this battery or mount it in a corner. The battery acid can then be released from the battery, which is very dangerous.

Our motorcycle batteries range

Motorcyclebatteryshop has various types of motorcycle batteries in stock. Conventional batteries are no longer made due to regulations in Europe. This traditional type of battery has been replaced by maintenance-free motorcycle batteries. With our search engine you can easily find the right motorcycle battery for your motorcycle.

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