Exide G14 Gel Motorcycle Battery

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The Exide G14 (12-14) GEL motorcycle battery is maintenance-free. Has a voltage of 12V, a capacity (20H) of 14 Ah and a CCA of 150 A. The G14 (12-14) GEL can be tilted up to 90 degrees. The dimensions are 150 mm long, by 87 mm wide and 145 mm high.


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Exide G14 Maintenance-free Motorcycle Battery

The Exide G14 maintenance-free motorcycle battery is part of our range of maintenance-free motorcycle batteries. The name says it all, you do not have to maintain this battery once you have installed it in your motorcycle. Please note that you have to fill the Exide G14 with acid before using it for the first time. After filling the battery for the first time, you may NEVER refill it again! Afterwards you can hit the road carefree, and you do not have to worry about leakage, as the Exide G14 is completely sealed (VRLA). This maintenance-free motorcycle battery also has a longer lifespan than the cheaper conventional batteries and it is even more powerful!

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The leading American manufacturer and supplier of reliable motorcycle batteries with over 130 years of experience! They supply batteries of the best quality worldwide, and in addition as environmentally friendly as possible. Take a look for more motorcycle batteries from Exide.

Battery typeGel
Exide typeG14
Fulbat typeFLTX14H
Yuasa typeYTX14
Length (mm)150
Width (mm)87
Height (mm)145
Capacity (10h) Ah14
Cold cranking amps CCA (A)150
Maximum mounting angle90°

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