Fulbat B38-6A Gel Motorcycle Battery

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The Fulbat B38-6A motorbike battery has a voltage of 6V, a capacity (10H) of 13 Ah and a starting capacity of 105 A (CCA). The dimensions are 119 mm long, by 83 mm wide and 161 mm high.

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Fulbat B38-6A Gel Motorcycle Battery

The FulbatB38-6A gel motorcycle battery is part of our range of gel motorcycle batteries and is specially designed to provide maximum performance and safety, while also having a longer lifespan than comparable maintenance-free motorcycle batteries. This Fulbat B38-6A requires no battery acid treatment or other maintenance, as gel batteries are maintenance free. You can take this easy-to-use battery right out of the box and put it in your motorcycle with no complications! The Fulbat B38-6A cannot leak (VRLA) and is adjustable up to 90 degrees, making it an ideal battery for all sports that require high performance. In addition, it is suitable for motorcycles with many power consumers on board (think GPS, additional lights or heated grips).

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Battery typeGel
Length (mm)119
Width (mm)83
Height (mm)161
Capacity (10h) Ah13
Cold cranking amps CCA (A)105
Maximum mounting angle90°

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