Fulbat FULLOAD 1000 Battery Tender

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The Fulbat Fulload 1000 smart battery charger is a universally applicable 100% automatic plug and play battery tender with automatic overcharge protection. The smart battery charger is equipped with a switch on the side with which you can choose between 6 and 12 Volt batteries. The Fulload 1000 has a charging current of 1A. The Fulbat battery tender is protected against reverse polarity and short circuit.

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Fulbat Fulload 1000 Battery Tender

The Fulbat Fulload 1000 smart battery charger comes standard with a manual, set of clamps and connection cables with a waterproof fuse holder.

- Smart battery / maintenance charger.
- 3 charging phases: Main charge, Maintenance, Pulse (automatically switches to the correct phase to charge the battery and keep it safely at the desired voltage without overcharging it).
- Suitable for all lead / acid batteries: Lithium, Gel, SLA, MF and DRY.
- Protects against overcharging.
- Charging current: 1A.
- Battery voltage: 6V-12V.
- Battery capacity: Maximum 20Ah.
- Supplied with: quick-release battery clamps and a fused connection cable for continuous use.

Compatible withLithium-ion batteries
Battery saverNo
Voltage6V - 12V
Charging cables1
Battery capacity20Ah

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