Fulbat FULTEST 1 Battery Analyser

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The Fulbat Fultest 1 tests and analyzes the condition of your battery and the charging system. This allows you to quickly and easily see whether your battery is still functioning properly or whether it needs to be replaced.

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Fulbat FULTEST 1 Battery tester

With the FULTEST 1, you can easily test the status of your battery. This is a price-friendly way to see whether your battery still functions well or might need to be replaced. The battery tester is easy to use, all you have to do is connect the battery tester to your battery or alternator. The test will run automatically then. The Fulbat FULTEST 1 is splash-proof and very compact, so you can take it with you during all rides. 

What does a battery tester see?

The Fulbat FULTEST 1 checks the battery level, in which the level is divided into four levels. In addition, this battery analyzer also checks the status of the alternator. The tester will indicate if it functions correctly or not. This way you can quickly see whether a problem lies with the battery or with the alternator. This could save you some money on replacing a well functioning part. 

This battery tester is not compatible with lithium-ion batteries.


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