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Gel batteries

What is a Motorcycle Battery?

When we talk about a 'battery' that is rechargeable, we actually speak of an accumulator. The traditional batteries, such as AA and AAA batteries, are not rechargeable. A battery that is rechargeable should actually be called an accumulator. An accumulator has a different shape than a normal battery. But over the years, the term battery has become a bit unclear.

A motorcycle battery has countless different dimensions, each with different battery capacities. A normal battery has a standard size and capacity. The products are therefore adapted to the batteries. The batteries of the motorcycles have been specially adapted to the engine characteristics.

The function of a gel motorcycle battery

A motorcycle battery comes with a certain type of battery acid. In this case in the form of gel. This gel is converted into a chemical reaction by the battery plates. When the engine asks for energy, the reaction will be converted to electricity.

Because the engine also consumes power during the ride with, for example, the lighting, navigation and/or heated grips, the battery must also be able to deliver power. To ensure that the battery does not run out during the ride, a motor has a dynamo that recharges the battery. When you drive enough, you hardly need to recharge this gel motorcycle battery.

What is a gel battery?

The name of this type actually says what it is, this battery contains gel. This acidic substance is a jelly-like form that is in between a solid and liquid substance. This technology was developed by the manufacturer EXIDE.

Gel is more resistant to heat and less prone to sulfation. Sulfation means that the battery plates become less hardened, resulting in loss of battery capacity. Gel batteries therefore have a longer lifespan than AGM batteries.

This type of battery is sealed, so you can tilt the motorcycle battery and mount it at a certain angle. This is often a 90 degree angle. The advantage of this is that you have more options for mounting a battery. In addition, you can replace it more easily, because you have to be less careful.

Our motorcycle batteries

Motorcyclebatteryshop has a diverse range of motorcycle batteries. The gel batteries are an important part of this, because they are very popular among motorcyclists. These batteries are slightly stronger and lighter than a normal maintenance-free battery.

Motorcyclebatteryshop has a module on the website that makes it possible to quickly find a suitable battery for your motorcycle. This way you can quickly see which batteries are suitable for your motorcycle. If you are looking for a different battery, you can filter on the desired properties. In addition, you can always contact our customer service for personal advice.