Different type of batteries

Every motorcycle battery needs maintenance, yet it differs per type of motorcycle battery. A lead-acid battery requires different maintenance than a lithium-ion motorcycle battery. When you go through these steps, you get the longest lifespan out of your battery. If you do have to replace it, you naturally want to know how to deal with it. Click on the image or title of a battery type to go to the information page.

Conventional batteries informationConventional batteries information
Conventional batteries information

These traditional batteries require necessary maintenance. Conventional batteries must be filled with demineralized water.

Maintenance-free batteries informationMaintenance-free batteries information
Maintenance-free batteries information

Although the name indicates maintenance-free, this type of battery still requires maintenance. However, these batteries do not need to be filled.

Gel batteries informationGel batteries information
Gel batteries information

A gel battery consists of a substance that is between liquid and solid. This means that the risk of leakage is nil.

Lithium-Ion batteries informationLithium-Ion batteries information
Lithium-Ion batteries information

The lightest battery at the moment. Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of a lithium-ion battery here.

Maintenance of batteries

There are a number of different types of batteries on the market. These are often fairly similar in structure, but have different functioning and strengths. Each type of motorcycle battery has its advantages and disadvantages. Do you want to know which type of motorcycle battery is best for you? Then read these information pages.

Maintenance conventional batteryMaintenance conventional battery
Maintenance conventional battery

Refilling this battery is a relatively simple job. However, there are some things you should keep in mind.

Replacement of a maintenance free batteryReplacement of a maintenance free battery
Replacement of a maintenance free battery

This type of battery is sealed from the factory, which saves a lot of maintenance compared to traditional batteries.

Maintenance gel batteryMaintenance gel battery
Maintenance gel battery

The jelly battery acid ensures a strong battery that can withstand the worse conditions.

Maintenance lithium-ion batteryMaintenance lithium-ion battery
Maintenance lithium-ion battery

You should not expose a lithium battery to low temperatures too often, because then it will break.