Lithium-Ion Motorcycle Batteries

Lithium-Ion Motorcycle BatteriesLithium-Ion Motorcycle Batteries
Lithium-Ion Motorcycle Batteries

What is a Motorcycle Battery?

There are a number of different types of batteries. A battery that you can charge and has a larger size than a normal battery is actually called an accumulator. The term battery is a bit ambiguous these days. A normal battery that you can charge can also be called an accumulator, but it does not have all the specifications. 

A motorcycle battery differs from the batteries when it comes to the different applications. A normal battery is not charged by an alternator and has standard dimensions and capacities. A motorcycle battery is charged, these are also available in many shapes and sizes. A motorcycle battery is tuned to the requirements of a motorcycle.

The function of a lithium-ion motorcycle battery

As mentioned earlier, a motorcycle battery is recharged with a dynamo. This ensures that the battery does not run out during a motorcycle ride. While driving, a motorcycle battery provides the energy for the lighting and optional electrical parts such as heated grips or navigation. This works differently with a car and bicycle battery. The alternator is not strong enough to be able to recharge the battery, so the battery drains while driving.

A lithium-ion battery is a sealed battery. This prevents the propylene carbonate (the liquid in a lithium-ion battery) from leaking. Because the amount of liquid in this type of battery is very low, you can mount the battery in every possible angle. In theory, you can also mount a lithium-ion battery upside down in a motor.

What is a lithium-ion battery?

A lithium-ion motorcycle battery is considered the cream of the crop when it comes to powering a motorcycle. This is because of its many special properties. These batteries are very light and deliver a lot of power. This makes the battery best suited for competitive use, both for racing and off-road motorcycles.

Lithium is a metal that is very light and soft. As a result, it cannot be used for metal constructions. However, the combination of materials ensures a high energy density. This can be dangerous in the event of damage or excessively high operating temperatures. So make sure that you keep a close eye on a lithium-ion battery and that you do not overcharge it.

Our motorcycle batteries

Motorcyclebatteryshop has a handy battery finder online. In this module, all engines are linked to the appropriate engine batteries. All you have to do is enter the make, type and year of engine.

Then all the batteries we have in stock for your motorcycle will be shown. All batteries that are in stock are therefore also in our own warehouse. This ensures that we can deliver very quickly. If you do not see the battery you want, there is a good chance that we can still order it. Of course you can also contact our customer service for all your other questions, they are happy to help you!