Maintenance and replacement of a conventional motorcycle battery

Maintenance and replacement of a conventional motorcycle batteryMaintenance and replacement of a conventional motorcycle battery
Maintenance and replacement of a conventional motorcycle battery

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On this page you will find all information about conventional motorcycle batteries. This explains the construction and operation of a conventional battery, its maintenance, the way to test the condition and the use of a trickle charger. In addition, it is explained how to disassemble, recycle and assemble a new battery.

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Maintaining conventional motorcycle batteries

The conventional battery is a traditional battery that has to be filled manually. This makes it a motorcycle battery that requires more maintenance than the newer types. How much more the battery gets used, the less you have to fill it.

How does a conventional motorcycle battery work?

A conventional battery is a battery consisting of several cells with lead acid plates and battery acid. These cells are connected to each other, so a negative pole is against a positive pole. In this way voltage is bundled. Six cells therefore provide a 12V motor battery. These cells generate a chemical reaction. The battery stores the energy released during the chemical reaction, which is converted into electricity when required.

While driving, the alternator charges the battery. Electricity is then converted into the energy of the chemical reaction of the conventional battery.

How do you maintain a conventional battery?

The most important maintenance of a conventional battery is to ensure that it does not run out, because then it will mostly break. This is because there is too much play on the lead acid plates. These can then deform or even break. It is therefore important to top up the battery in time and to hang it on a trickle charger.

Filling up is done with distilled water via the supplied hose. Let the neutral water run through your storage can with the hose into the battery. Filling up a conventional battery can only be done with this type of water, because it is free from salts and other parts that are harmful to batteries.

In addition, it is good to keep your battery clean and dry. This ensures that the battery terminals can continue to function properly. Clean the poles occasionally and spray them with an anti-corrosion spray. Then dry the battery terminals and your battery is proper again.

How do you test the status of the conventional battery?

The status of your battery can be tested with a battery tester, but also by checking a number of simple things:

  • Starting your engine is difficult, the starter motor does not get enough energy (slow cranking)
  • Your lighting will burn brighter when you accelerate
  • Know no longer when it was last replaced? then it's time to buy a new one.
  • The battery no longer charges properly.

With a battery tester you can test whether your battery has sufficient peak voltage to start your engine. You can also check whether you have sufficient charging voltage to properly charge the motorcycle battery. With some battery testers you can test even more things, all specifications are mentioned in the product description.

The use of a trickle charger

With a trickle charger you convert electricity into the chemical reaction of a conventional battery. This ensures that the battery does not run out as quickly. You therefore have to refill it less with distilled water.

All trickle chargers are suitable for conventional motorcycle batteries. These literally fill the motorcycle battery with energy. When the battery is full, it will stop charging until it can receive energy again. As a result, the battery is never overcharged.

How do you replace a conventional motorcycle battery?

When you decide to replace your motorcycle battery, it is important to go through a number of steps. For example, you must first have a new motorcycle battery and ensure that you have a safe and level workplace with the right tools and manuals.

How do you disassemble a conventional battery?

The location of the battery differs per motorcycle, but it is often located under the seat. If you do not know how to get to the battery, it is best to consult the manual of your motorcycle (these can often also be found online).

When you have reached the motorcycle battery, first make sure that the clamps are disassembled. Then disconnect the negative terminal (-) and secure it from contact with metal. Then disconnect the positive terminal (+) and you can lift the conventional battery out of the battery holder. You must ensure that you cannot tilt a conventional battery. These types of batteries are not leak-proof and battery acid can therefore come out of the battery.

Recycling a conventional battery

A battery should not simply be thrown away with normal waste. The rule for batteries in the Netherlands is as follows: “Where you buy them, you can hand them in.”. If you have bought a battery from us, you can also return it to us. We then ensure that the battery is recycled. During this process, among other things, the steel, zinc, cadmium and manganese are removed from the batteries. These materials can be reused for new products.

How do I mount a conventional battery?

Before installing a new conventional motorcycle battery, you must fill it with distilled water, if not already done so. Gradually fill the battery past the minimum level and below the maximum level. Then make sure that the battery is properly closed again and that it is ready to mount.

Place the battery upright in its place (do not tilt). Connect the positive (+) terminal first followed by the negative (-) terminal. Make sure the battery is securely fastened again by using the standard clamp(s)/ elastic(s) to secure the battery.

Commissioning the new battery

Test whether the battery has enough starting capacity to start the engine quickly and whether all lighting is working at full strength. With a battery tester you can then test a number of voltages, as explained under the heading “testing the battery”.

Tips and tricks

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  • Hand in your old battery to us, and we will recycle it (first discuss whether this is possible at that time)
  • Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you