Maintenance gel motorcycle batteries

Maintenance and replacement of a gel motorcycle batteryMaintenance and replacement of a gel motorcycle battery
Maintenance and replacement of a gel motorcycle battery sells batteries for, among other things, motorcycles and motor scooters. This is done from both our physical store in Nieuwkuijk and on our website. In addition to selling these batteries and trickle chargers, we are also happy to provide some additional information. If you do not find the necessary information on our pages, you can always contact customer service. They are happy to help you.

On this information page you will find all information about gel motorcycle batteries. In this, the two main topics of maintaining a gel motorcycle battery and replacing a gel battery are discussed.

Which gel motorcycle battery do I need?

If you are looking for a new battery for your motorcycle or motor scooter, it is very easy to find all suitable batteries via our search module. When you select the make, model and year of manufacture of your motorcycle, all batteries will be shown that have the correct capacities, voltages and dimensions. 

If you want a different battery. Is it possible to filter in the category pages with the desired properties. You can specify your dimensions, capacity and type of battery.

Maintenance of gel motorcycle batteries

A gel battery falls under the category of maintenance-free motorcycle batteries. This means that the batteries do not need to be refilled with battery acid, or gel in this case.  Unfortunately, a motorcycle battery does require some attention. Especially when it is not in use.

How does a gel motorcycle battery work?

A gel motorcycle battery contains battery acid that consists of a substance which is between liquid and solid. The advantage of a gel battery is that this substance performs better in colder conditions. The service life is also longer and it can withstand discharge better. This motorcycle battery is made up of bundled negative and positive cells. A 12V motorcycle battery consists of 6 cells of 2V each.

How do you maintain a gel battery?

Because the gel battery can withstand discharging better, this battery will not break down so quickly, which reduces the amount of maintenance required. A gel motorcycle battery lasts the longest when it is used a lot or is often placed on a trickle charger.           

A battery discharges when it is not used, which means that the level of the battery acid decreases. If this level gets too low, the battery will be destroyed. There is no set era in which this happens. It is also bad for a battery to often expose it to very cold temperatures. So make sure that your battery is in a lukewarm, moisture-free room when you don’t use it.

How do you test the status of the gel battery?

You test a gel battery in the same way as any other battery. You can test this by checking a number of things on your motorcycle.

  • When your motorcycle engine has trouble with starting during a cold start, your starter motor does not get enough power from the battery
  • Your lighting does not burn at full strength, you will notice this when it gets brighter while accelerating. Your battery doesn’t deliver enough capacity.
  • Your battery doesn't charge properly, the low voltage is then too low
  • You can’t remember when replaced your battery for the last time, then it is probably time for a new one


If you want to know the exact data to make sure that your gel motorcycle battery still functions properly, you can test it with a battery tester. A battery tester is a simple and price-friendly product that allows you to see what your battery can still handle. With most battery testers the starting capacity and charging capacity can be tested.

Using a trickle charger

With a trickle charger you ensure that your motorcycle gel battery is always (almost) full. A trickle charger charges the battery until it is full, then it stops charging until the battery can receive energy again. Thanks to this intelligent way of charging, a battery can never be overcharged. With certain trickle chargers you also see a number of different values. A trickle charger detects defects in a battery and/or in the charger itself. You can then see an error on your gel battery more specifically with a battery tester.

How do you replace a gel motorcycle battery?

The simplicity of a gel motor battery ensures that replacing this battery is also very easy. What you need to provide is a suitable gel battery, a safe workplace and the right tools.

How do you disassemble a gel battery?

To know where your gel motorcycle battery is located, it is smart to approach the manual of your motorcycle. This describes exactly where the battery is located. It is often also described here how to disassemble it. The first thing you do is make space around the battery, make sure cables/covers aren't in the way. You can then disconnect the negative terminal (-) and free it from metal parts. Then disconnect the positive pole (+). Then remove all clamps and screws holding the battery in place. The battery is now free to be disassembled.

Recycling a gel battery

When you have removed the old battery, it is important to be able to hand it in somewhere. This should not be thrown away with standard garbage. You can always return a gel battery at the place where you bought it. In addition, there is always a joint drop-off point nearby. You can find this on the internet.

There are several parts of a gel battery that can be reused. First, it is checked whether it can be given a second life. The other option is that as many raw materials as possible are recycled to make new products.

How do I mount a gel battery?

Fitting a new gel battery is just as easy as disassembling it. These batteries are supplied ready for use from the factory. All you have to do is remove any foil and take the new screws out of the bag. Then place the gel motor battery in the battery box and connect the positive pole (+), followed by connecting the negative pole (-). Finally, reassemble the battery clamp to ensure that the battery stays in place.

Get the new battery into service

Putting in a new motorcycle is always an improvement for the performance and lifespan of your engine (parts). To be sure that this new battery really has the prescribed values, it is smart to test it with the aforementioned points. Also charge it before using or just ride for a while so the battery gets charged well.

Tips and tricks

  • With the parts finder you can easily find a battery that is suitable for your motorcycle
  • When you buy a battery from us, you can hand it in for recycling at our shop (If your battery isn’t bought at our shop, please feel free to contact us for recycling)
  • In the Netherlands there are many joint submission sites to recycle finished batteries
  • Any other Questions and / or remarks? Please feel free to contact us.