Maintenance-free motorcycle batteries

Maintenance and replacement of a maintenance free motorcycle batteryMaintenance and replacement of a maintenance free motorcycle battery
Maintenance and replacement of a maintenance free motorcycle battery is the specialist in the field of motorcycle batteries. We do not only sell batteries, but also try to inform you as well as possible about this. This is our free service.

On this information page you can find everything about maintenance-free batteries. You will read about the construction and operation of the lead-acid AGM or SLA battery, maintenance, testing and the use of a battery tender. The following is information about installing a new maintenance-free battery and recycling your old motorcycle battery.

Which maintenance free motorcycle battery do I need?

Before you can place a new battery, you must of course know which motorcycle battery you need. In the left column, select the make of your motorcycle, followed by the model and year of manufacture. This search engine finds the motorcycle batteries with the correct dimensions, voltage and (starting) capacity for you.

Keeping your maintenance-free battery in order

The conventional battery is a traditional battery that has to be filled manually. This makes it a motorcycle battery that requires more maintenance than the newer types. How much more the battery gets used, the less you have to fill it.

How does a maintenance free motorcycle battery work?

A maintenance-free lead-acid battery has the same construction as a conventional motorcycle battery. The battery is divided into several cells that are separated by lead acid plates. A chemical reaction occurs in these cells because the battery acid reacts with the lead. The bundled cells reinforce each other, resulting in a 12-volt motor battery with a battery with 6 cells of 2 volts. Between the positive and negative cells is a plate that ensures that this type of battery is leak-free.

A maintenance-free AGM battery consists of cells that are separated by absorbent glass mats. These mats ensure that battery acid cannot leak when the battery is tilted. The maintenance-free SLA battery consists of either a sealed battery with lead acid or gel. All current SLA batteries are made with gel. This type of battery is very durable and strong. There is not much liquid acid in the battery. The liquid that is included in the glass mats or the gel evaporates less quickly, so the battery will last longer than regular lead-acid batteries.

While driving the engine, the alternator charges the battery. What then happens is that electricity is converted in the chemical reaction that occurs in the battery. This energy is stored in the battery. When energy is then demanded from the battery, this chemical reaction is converted into electricity.

How do you maintain a maintenance-free battery?

The name of this type of battery says “maintenance-free”, but this is not entirely true. If you drive a lot with the motorcycle, it will last a very long time without maintenance. However, if you do not drive for a period of time, it is important to connect your battery on a battery tender.

You may not fill maintenance-free lead-acid or gel batteries, because they are sealed. This means that the batteries cannot leak when you tilt them up to 90 degrees. What you can do is keep the battery terminals and everything that goes with them clean, dry and corrosion-free.

How do you test the status of the maintenance free battery?

There are a few simple things that show that your battery is weak or broken. Sometimes these factors are because of another motorcycle problem.

  • The starter motor doesn't get enough power to get around, the engine won't start properly
  • The lights get brighter when you go faster
  • The battery is old, can't remember when you last bought a new one? Then it's time to replace it
  • The battery no longer charges properly, so the charging voltage is no longer sufficient


If you want to know exact data, a battery tester is the best option. The functions differ per battery tester. Things that you can measure with most battery testers are: charging voltage, (lowest) starting voltage and the charge level. When a battery no longer has the value it should have, it is time to replace.

Using a trickle charger

To ensure that your motorcycle battery does not break, it is important to use a trickle charger when your motorcycle is not in use. With this intelligent battery charger you trickle electricity to your battery. With a trickle charger you can never overcharge a battery.

All battery tenders can be used for lead-acid AGM and SLA batteries. With lithium-ion batteries you have to pay close attention to the type of trickle charger. The best thing for your battery is to always keep your battery to a trickle charger when it’s not in use. On our website you can find the best trickle chargers per battery type.

How do you replace a maintenance-free motorcycle battery?

When you have found out that you are ready for a new battery, you can easily order it online and install it yourself. The most important thing is that you have the right battery and a good workplace with the right tools.

How do you disassemble a maintenance free battery?

The battery is located under the seat of many motorcycles, but this isn’t always like this. It would be ideal to look after your owners manual (printed or online). This shows where the battery is placed. Then you detach the battery by removing the bracket / clamp from the battery. Now you can disconnect the negative pole (-) and secure it from metal, after which you disconnect the positive pole (+). The battery is now ready to be removed. You can tilt this battery up to 90 degrees when removing it.

Recycling a maintenance free motorcycle battery

“Where you buy a battery you can hand it in”. That is the rule that applies in the Netherlands to the return of batteries. If you have bought a battery from us, you can also return it to us. It is not the intention to dispose of batteries in regular waste. It is also possible to hand a battery in which is not sold by us, feel free to contact us in this case.

Another option is to hand in the battery at the municipal rubbish dump or at a battery collection point. Check out the website of The batteries are neatly recycled in every process. Manganese, cadmium, zinc and steel, among other things, are removed from the batteries to be able to make new products.

How do I install a maintenance free battery?

Installing a maintenance-free battery is very simple. All you have to do is put the filled battery back in the battery box. You can tilt it up to 90 degrees without it leaking. Then attach the clamp / bracket / elastic around the battery again so that it stays in place.

First connect the positive pole (+) properly and, if necessary, put the cover around the pole. Then connect the negative terminal (-) and the battery is ready to be used.

Commissioning the new battery

To make sure that the battery works properly, you can test a number of things. First check whether the battery has enough voltage to start the engine. If this is not the case, you can put it on a trickle charger. Other steps to test your new battery are mentioned above in the section on testing your battery.

Tips and tricks

  • Use the battery finder to find a suitable motorcycle battery for your motorcycle
  • A battery that has been purchased at can be returned to us
  • A battery purchased elsewhere can be returned to a local collection point. It may be possible to hand these in to us, please contact us for this or for other questions