Maintenance-free batteries

Maintenance-free batteriesMaintenance-free batteries
Maintenance-free batteries

What is a Motorcycle Battery?

A motorcycle battery cannot be compared with a standard battery. They are both named with batteries, but the function is different. The word (motorcycle) battery is derived from the word 'accumulator'. This means that it can store, deliver and also receive power. So it is rechargeable. Traditional batteries, such as those in the TV remote, were previously non-rechargeable. Batteries that are rechargeable are in fact called an accumulator.

The function of a maintenance-free motorcycle battery

A motorcycle battery distinguishes itself from most other types of batteries. This is because the engine battery is recharged by the alternator while driving. This allows it to supply the lighting with energy during the journey. In addition, if you drive enough, it rarely needs to be recharged. The battery of an electric bicycle or car works differently, because it runs empty while driving because there is no dynamo to charge the battery. In both cases, there is not enough power to recharge the battery.

This type of battery is sealed in the factory, the big advantage of this is that it is leak-free and can be mounted up to an angle of inclination of up to 90 degrees. The battery functions well due to overpressure within the battery, when this becomes too much, it is released. This gas cannot be topped up. This ensures that a battery has a certain lifespan.

What is a maintenance-free battery?

The maintenance-free motorcycle battery is the successor to the conventional battery. Unlike the traditional battery, this type of motorcycle battery does not need to be topped up. Under maintenance-free batteries we see AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) batteries and SLA (Sealed lead Acid) batteries.

In the maintenance-free AGM battery, the battery acid is mainly absorbed in the glass mats in the battery. As a result, there is little battery acid that is free in the battery, so the chance that the battery can leak is even smaller. The SLA variant often consists of gel. The battery acid is therefore not completely liquid. This reduces the chance that the battery will leak and it is possible to reduce the battery size.

Our motorcycle batteries

Motorcyclebatteryshop has all kinds of motorcycle batteries in stock. The maintenance-free batteries are very popular among motorcyclists. They are very strong and price friendly. Compared to a lithium-ion battery, this type of battery is somewhat heavier, but for most motorcyclists this small difference does not matter.

With Motorcylebatteryshop’s search engine you can easily find a battery that suits your motorcycle and personal wishes. This battery finder connects all motors to suitable batteries. Are you looking for a different battery or do you have another question? Please feel free to contact our customer service.