Tecmate Optimate Sae72 12V Plug O-02

Tecmate Optimate Sae72 12V Plug O-02

Tecmate Optimate Sae72 12V Plug O-02

The ideal double adapter, chargers easily and fast a battery via DIN or carcontact. Fits on cars and motorcycles.
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Optimate TM-O02 SAE72 12V Plug

Tecmate Optimate Sea72 12V Plug O-02

With this Tecmate adapter you can connect your trickle charger directly to your motorcycle. You connect one side of the adapter (SEA) to the battery tender, the other side (DIN / car contact) you plug into your motorcycle. This makes it much easier to maintain your motorcycle battery and to protect it against defects.

How does the Tecmate SEA work?

This direct connection from the adapter to the motorcycle battery is possible if your motorcycle has a Controller Area Network (CAN). This transports digital data through a data bus. This is also known as the CAN bus option. This must therefore be on your motorcycle or be made.

Then connect the SEA connector to your trickle charger that has a canbus program. The trickle charger is often referred to as "dual program" or "can-bus". The trickle charger understands that it charges the battery via the DIN/auto contact instead of using two battery terminals at the battery terminals.

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