Tecmate Optimate Adapter Cable Sae To 12V

Tecmate Optimate Adapter Cable Sae To 12V

Tecmate Optimate Adapter Cable Sae To 12V

Optimate TM-O29 Adapter Cable SAE to 12V
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Optimate TM-O29

Why should you buy the Tecmate Optimate Adapter Cable Sea To 12V?

With the Optimate Cable you can connect a battery Tender which contains a SEA plug into the DIN port of your motorcycle. The DIN port needs to have a diameter of 12 mm. The Tecmate Optimate Adapter is compatible with BMW, Triumph, Victory, Honda Gold Wing motorcycles and John Deere-Atv's. 

What's included with the Tecmate Optimate Adapter Cable Sea To 12V?

De Tecmate Optimate Adapter contains a cable with a length of 100 cm, at one side it has a SEA connection and at the other side a DIN/ CAN-bus connection with an angle of 90 degrees. The cable has a maximum capacity of 5 Amps. The cable has an integrated Fuse with a resistance of 5A.

How does the Tecmate Optimate adapter work?

The direct attachment from the SEA connector to the DIN connection is possible if your motorcycle has the CAN-bus system. This system can transport digital data via the data bus. This makes it possible to quickly and easily charge your motorcycle battery via a battery tender, if this has the dual program option.

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