Tecmate Optimate Test Ts120

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Tecmate Optimate Test Ts120 battery tester

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Tecmate Optimate Test Ts120

The  Tecmate Optimate Ts120 is a multifunctional battery tester, in short this Ts120 analyses the status of your battery. You can connect the Tecmate Optimate Test Ts120 to your battery with the supplied battery terminals or SAE-2 adapter. The battery tester analyses the lowest starting voltage during the start of the motorcycle. The Ts120 analyses the charging voltage and the voltage regulator when the motorcycle is running. The Tecmate Optimate Test Ts120 shows all values with LED lights on the device. The battery tester is a must have, but why? When values of the battery or voltage regulator are too high or low, the lifetime of your battery will be shorted. In the worst case, this will result in damage to the battery or engine.

What are the functions of the Tecmate Optimate Test Ts120?

All the functions and characteristics are described in the summery below.

  • Checking and regulating of the charging voltage, starting voltage and charging level
  • Checking the dynamo if it is compatible for specific lithium batteries
  • The accuracy of the battery tester is regulated by a multiprocessor
  • The battery tester is easy in use and is supplied with all the instructions you need. 

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